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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 8, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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spout off at here's the word of the day, no zabernism. if you foe what that means i'm impressed. -- remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. >> sean: when president obama unveiled his tax cut compromise he made us believe this was a done deal. as the clock ticks, support for his framework is fading that. is our headline this wednesday night: deal or no deal? the compromise is under fire if the left and right. the pros pacific of a filibuster hangs in the -- the prospect of a filibuster hangs in the senate. >> we've gotten 800 calls today, 99% in opposition to
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this agreement. i'm going to do everything that i can to defeat this proposal. i think the american people agree with us. >> sean: opposition on the right is mounting thanks to tea party favorite senator jim dement. >> will you vote for cloture on that final vote if it cleared cloture? >> no. >> on both counts? >> on both counts. we said we were not going to vote for anything that increased the deficit, this does. it raises taxes. it raises death taxi done think we needed to negotiate that aspect of this away. >> sean: the president deployed the vice president to the hill and his top economic adviser larry summers met with reporters this afternoon warning the economy could sink into a double dip recession. uh-oh it sounds like larry
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summers may have dozed off again. he miss it when his boss said this yesterday. >> the president: that's behind us, we don't have the danger of a double dip recession. >> sean: we do have a president in over his head and an administration that is dazed and confused. with us rick santorum, nicole wallace is back with us. it is a back about the first female president whose first dude is having a relationship with a reporter. >> i leave it up to the imagination. he cheats. >> sean: let's start with the utter income . it reminds me like cope hagan. he flies to copenhagen and fails. he sends bill clinton to get the world cup, he fails. here he runs out -- not having a deal holding a press
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conference, hang -- angry what is he doing? >> i think he assumed everyone on his side would go along with it and didn't run the traps. politics 101 is you make sure the folks you are counting on to support the bill, particularly in the house -- and if every republican votes in the house, there's a 40 seat democrat majority. he needs nancy pelosi. he needs a big bloc of democrats. obviously, he didn't do politics 101 on this and made sure that his side was sufficiently supportive to get it done. >> sean: why do i feel i'm watching before our eyes history being made the crack-up of an american president and he's taking his party down with him? >> unlike a lot of it wednesday night when we talk about a week of obama's rein, if you -- reign, if you will.
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the substance isn't so bad. not like the health care package. but the way he walked out yesterday and did this press conference, i can't imagine george w. bush announcing a dale on any major piece of legislation that affects every american household and doing anything less than celebrating the positive aspects. obama attacked republicans. he attacked the whiners in his own party. and he whined about the political reality that he created. i think the problems he's having today are a direct result of the posture he took yesterday. >> sean: i want to look at both sides that are angry at him. steny hoyer is not supporting him. van hole:critical, nancy pelosi, harry reid. >> the entire democratic leadership you just named. >> sean: politico referring to him as president patsy this is severe. part of this is because the president made these promises on the campaign trail.
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>> we're gonna roll back some of those bush tax cuts to the wealthy. i will roll back the bush tax cuts on people making over $250,000. i want to roll back bush tax cuts. i'm going to roll back the bush tax cuts to the 90s. we have to roll back the bush tax cuts on the top 1%. i'm going to roll back the bush tax cuts for the very wealthiest of . >> sean: "washington post" today referring to the left fearing he's headed for a failed presidency. angry house democrats saying they taken to the cleaners that they got screwed. >> the president said that the day before the deal he wasn't going to concede on this point this was the centerpiece of his pitch to the american public, warfare. it is what the democrats are all about. they have just caved on their number one economic issue. of course, they are upset with him.
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and he didn't bother to solidify his team. as nicole said, he went out there and basically apologize for the deal. you are not going to encourage people to join you if you don't feel good about the deal. >> sean: is this read my lips no bush tax cuts? >> it is closer to john kerry's i actually voted for it, before i voted against it. that revealed was a corelessness. that's what's been revealed here. you go and i go back and forth on this. on this issue, the heart and soul of the democratic party is class warfare. it was the public option for health care and getting out of afghanistan. he has again 0 for 3 in their eyes. >> sean: gitmo he lost that this week. let's go to some of the criticisms. i have concerns.
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200 billion dollars in new spending. this is a lame duck, democratic controlled house, senate and white house. but, -- and not making these tax cuts permanent. we don't have a temporary economy as jim demint said. >> we did get a two year extension. i know this is what is diving . the economy is teetering. larry summers is right. the president -- this economy is in rough shape. those unemployment numbers don't lie. what republicans are feeling, i think responsible, to step forward and say we need to provide certainty. you hear it too sean, businesses are saying we need certainty, some indication that -- >> sean: temporary. >> but two years. long enough for businesses to do some planning, highering with the hope that 2012 will be a better year for everybody, at leave as good as -- >> sean: what do you think? >> certainty, it is december
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7th. small businesses don't know how big the check going to be that they have to write for the first quarter taxes -- >> sean: it is actually the 8th. >> my life as a novelist. >> sean: does the president get challenged in a primary? >> i think not. look, he's got as many on the one side -- obviously the folks on the democratic right are mad at him. they lost their elections. now folks on the left are mad at him. given this president and his level of core support among the democratic base, i don't see it happening. >> sean: does he get challenged? >> media would find it irresistable. >> sean: howard dean maybe? >> i don't think dean. the media -- >> sean: would you vote for this if you were in the senate, rick? >> as originally reported if there is not one ounce of
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saccharin in this thing to get a democrat vote i would, because i think the tax cuts being extended -- >> sean: i think the republicans would have a little more power if they waited until january. >> i was hoping they would do that. the only thing that i believe happened is of their own members got nervous and pushed them to make a deal. >> sean: guys good to see you. great book. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, we head to las vegas where frank luntz is standing by with a live focus group. their reactions to the tax cut deal and much more as hannity continues, straight ahead. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee.
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>> sean: second amendment opponents are up in ans over sarah palin's tv show. the segment caused "new york times" columnist maureen dowd of accusing governor palin of slaughtering innocent animals. writing: the poor caribou had to die so palin could show her toughness to veters. i hope maureen the animal lover enjoyed her tofu turkey on attention.
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attention >> sean: fox news alert. moments ago the controversial dream act was passed by the house of representatives. 216-198. republicans for the most part opposed the measure many said it was amnesty for illegal immigrants. it will now head to the senate in the coming days. now back to the other big issue of the day. you've heard reaction of the tax cut deal from america's lawmakers from the president. we want to know what americans think about this deal? frank luntz in vegas with a group of voters ready to share their views on this so-called compromise and much more. the one and only frank luntz.
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frank? >> we've been to las vegas several times because it is the one city in america where nobody was actually born here. how many of you were not born in las vegas, raise your hands. you see it really is america. before we get to them, i want you to see a clip that we did. we are about to make political history. up to this point, since barack obama was elected president he has never, ever scored better among republicans than democrats. i want you to watch the first time that barack obama actually doeser better among republicans. let's take a look. >> the president: sympathetic as i am to those who prefer a fight overcome mize. as much as political wisdom may dictate fighting over solving problems, it would be the wrong thing to do. the american people didn't send us here to wage symbolic
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battles or win symbolic victories. they would rather have the comfort knowing when they open their first paycheck january of 2011, it won't be smaller than it was before. all because washington decided they prefered to have a fight and failed to act. >> it has never happened before, the republicans actually scored higher. how many of you had a positive reaction toó÷wt obama said there, raise your hand? remarkable. yet, you guyssbt didn't vote for him. what was so positive? >> he understands the issues trying to work together with the republicans. that's about the only way get a solution at this stage. i think he was positive. >> i think he came back to reality. i think he realized that his strong ideologies are not working and it is not what the american people want. so he started compromising with the republicans who do have the power. >> i think he finally recognized what happened on
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november 2nd. that the republicans truly did score an enormous victory. he has to learn to work with that. he hasn't had to up until now. >> you think he is now working -- >> i think he's saying the right things. i don't believe it. i think he's a wonderful speaker. >> you believe him? >> i don't really believe him, but i think he's saying the right things. >> behavior doesn't lie time will tell. >> this is the first time barack obama made a decision on his own and wasn't influenced by his handlers. >> he recognized that republicans meant what they said. >> even though you responded favorably is because he took a republican point of view? >> yes. >> sean? >> sean: that was an isolated clip. he also called the republicans in that same press conference, hostage-takers. he talked about the santimony of the democrats. he went after "the new york times" and the media, angry, even pet len at
9:17 pm
times during this press conference. -- even petulant at times during the press conference. in this press conference, hostage-takers. >> [ talking over each other ] >> he is a democrat. you can expect those kinds of things from a democrat. democrats are going to say they have the best ideas, same way republicans did. >> he couldn't get the tax cuts through unless he held hostage the republicans. >> that's the real barack obama. he can act like a leader, but this is the real barack obama. >> i don't think he sees himself as president of all of us, -- [ talking over each other ] >> he's spinning it. he didn't say the democrats would have held hostage the middle class, because of the tax cuts for the wealthy. [ talking over each other ] >> that's why he feels that way. because we are still divided. we still haven't came together we need to compromise.
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[ talking over each other ] >> one at a time. >> the reality is he is a smart man, so a smart man recognized it and moved on. >> the whole r and d thing look at the bickering in this group right now it's to stop this country is on a path of does . until we get to a point where we're in the center of both view points, we are going to damage this country for future generations, period. >> catering to his base and he has to. >> after the beginning of the year i don't want my taxes go up 3%, i don't care what they have to do. >> you are angry at obama for compromising? >> i'm upset with him for compromising. however, i do see the need for him to have to do it. i think there needs to be a centering of the conversation or nothing is going to get done. >> kevin should he had
9:19 pm
compromised? >> no. >> why not? >> it hurts the little guys. [ talking over each other ] >> okay. sean this is tough. go ahead, give it a shot. >> sean: i don't want to belabor the point, but when a president of the united states refers to the opposition party as hostage-takers with such anger, does that seem very presidential to your focus group? >> no! [ talking over each other ] >> he talks like he's still in the streets of chicago. as a president, you can't did that. [ talking over each other ] >> i was not offended.
9:20 pm
>> sean you gotta understand when you use that language, i understand obama used it before you, you cause the american people to erupt. i hope the president is watching tonight that language doesn't work. even i've got a headache and i like doing this job. >> sean: i want you to dial that part of the speech and we'll do an update tomorrow night, if you can. >> absolutely sean. >> sean: plenty more hannity, straight ahead. >> under this agreement unemployment insurance will be extended for another 13 months. >> sean: will small business foot the bill? michelle malkin is here with the answer. >> he seems to go from zero to compromise in 3.5 seconds. >> sean: democrats pile on the president over his tax cut proposal. will his deal survive a rote? >> major hollywood actress admits she was once an illegal immigrant. much more hannity, straight ahead. [ sneezes ] you're up next.
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>> sean: as part of obama's tax cut deal unemployment benefits will get another extension. who is footing the bill? according to michelle malkin, it is small businesses,. in the past year unemployment insurance taxes have doubled, tripled and more leaving some struggling to stay before water. as part of the pending tax deal, jobless benefits at 99 weeks even longer through the end of next year. joining me with reaction michelle malkin. welcome back. good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> sean: you have in this article, who pays, dentist, tavern owners, small business
9:26 pm
owners, they pay. the american taxpayers still is on the hook for some of it. >> yes, that is correct. i think there's a 10-word message that has to get through the skulls of people in washington. who spend a lot of time pontificateing about government compassion. there is no such thing as a free government benefit, somebody pays. outside the beltway in my home state of colorado for example, there are dentists, restaurant owners and mom and pop businesses that are bearing the brunt of this coerced government compassion. there are half the states in the country whose state unemployment insurance funds are in the red. have gone belly-up. there's this great money shuffle going on between the states and government where these bankrupt funds are relying on federal funding to help bail them out. now fact, as you mentioned, taxpayers are on the hook for some of this latest extension.
9:27 pm
there are people in washington, for example, the person who lives in the white house, who have never had to meet payroll. who never had to file quarterly taxes. who have no clue what it is like in the real world where people are paying for this. while we hear all this discussion about temporary tax relief, i think it is great we'll get some measure of income and payroll and estate tax relief. there's no relief from this unemployment insurance debacle this temporary program has been enshrined as a permanent entitlement. >> sean: now with the extension it is 99 and another 13 months added we are looking at three years that people can stay on unemployment. i have no doubt that at the end of this period if unemployment remains high and we have no reason to believe it won't what is going to happen? they are going to call for another extension. >> that's been the history of the program. unfortunately, it started out as a limited way to help
9:28 pm
people who had lost their through no fault of their own. always run as a state-federal partnership. but it has morphed into this bottomless entitlement. in 2008, as the bipartisan effort to extend unemployment benefits was getting underway the beginning of the recession, they said in the whole history, at leave the modern history since the 70s there's never been a temporary program that has been -- that has not been extended multiple times. in the 80s and 90s you had republicans and democrats who extended these things, five, six times. i'm sure that's what we'll see, especially on the heels of another election cycle. again, the question is who pays? somebody pays. unfortunately, people in washington pay far more attention to the beneficiaries of the program than the people who have to fund it. >> sean: we know those on the left are saying they would like to see president obama
9:29 pm
primaried using terms they tan to the cleaners, that they screwed that this is a tailedded presidency, which they don't think -- this is a failed presidency, which they done think he's -- the added money that it is gonna cost taxpayers that is unpaid for, extension of unemployment being one and the fact this is temporary. do you like the deal? would you support the deal? do you think the deal is the best they could have got 10? >> i think there's to be a way to push for more stringent fiscal regulations and restraints and checks and balances. particularly, when it comes to unemployment insurance part. experts have testified before the senate about ways to get rid of those disincentives for people to stay on it for as long as they can. there have been mounds of
9:30 pm
mainstream economic analysis showing that as you extend these things out, of course it gives the people incentive to stay jobless even more. the other thing is that as you say, it always seems like [ talking over each other ] temporary tax relief and permanent entitlement. >> sean: looking at the political reality, lame duck this is expiring the end of this month, on measure the good things that you mentioned versus the cost, some of the things you don't like, would you vote for it? >> i think on balance, there's more good than bad. particularly, when you look at the estate tax relief, the income tax relief and the payroll tax relief. i think staunch fiscal conservatives should fight harder for more. obama and democrats in a position of weakness. that should be exploited. the left is good at exploiting crisis. time for republicans to fight and push for every last bit of tax relief they can. these small businesses cannot be forgotten in the mix. >> sean: michelle thanks.
9:31 pm
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>> sean: when video of new jersey governor christie hits the internet it is sure to go viral and it has happened again. >> now dancer, prancer and dixon, happy countries pass to all and all a good night. >> sean: nice job governor. for the sake of the people of new jersey he may not want to quit that day job. straight ahead. hey, guys. printer's out of ink.
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>> sean: the tax cut compromise sent washington into a tailspin. perhaps nobody more upset than house democrats unleashing their anger at the president for caving in. new york congressman anthony weiner is leading the charge. >> we need the president to be the leader of our country. to the to be the leader of our party and the values we believe in. he somes to go from zero to compromise in 3.5 seconds. we need to have a different sense. this whole notion of what he said today that reminds him of the public option debate. yeah it kind of does.
9:36 pm
it was the same case if you don't fight for something you can't expect to get it. i didn't think you should expect democrats to be happy about that. >> sean: he continued his assault today attacking the president for his failure to put up a fight. look at the exchange he had with our own megyn kelly. >> i don't remember the president going on traveling the country saying we need a middle class tax cut that we can't afford any more debt. better question, we'll raise the number to a million dollars and put the rest of the money going towards small businesses. [ talking over each other ] >> megyn: it was on -- >> you are having a difficult time differentiating between me and shrummer and the president. >> sean: california democrat told the "wall street journal" at the white house christmas party they were toasting to the billionaires, sarcastically. not to say that all
9:37 pm
republicans are happy with the bill, they are not. will the bill pass? joining me with insight on how this plays out, senator thune. how does it feel to be a hostage-taking enemy of the country. >> that was a little harsh, i thought. i think the rhetoric is heating up on their side. they are very unhappy about this. the president clearly is not happy to have to make the deal that he made. i think as far as republicans are concerned, there are people on our side that aren't happy about unemployment insurance being stinted and not paid for. hopefully we'll get an opportunity to offer an amendment to pay for it. getting two year extension, big victories i can see why the democrat left is unhappy. >> sean: they say he got taken to the cleaners, calling him president patsy. what do you make of that? >> i think it is, for them
9:38 pm
this is their last gasp. they want to see those tax rates stay in place. i think they think the president did cave in. frankly, the president did what he needed to do. otherwise you get a tax increase january 1st, and it would have affected all americans. i think the president knew he had to tack to the center he had to reach out to and work with republicans. he's obviously taken on a lot of water with his base for doing that. it is the right thing to for the country. we need to get this thing -- we need to get this tax rate issue addressed so we don't have this massive increase january 1. >> sean: what do you think jim demint and governor palin said, we need to extend unemployment we can't did it without funding. we don't need temporary economy, temporary tax rates, businesses need to look five, ten years down the road. >> i don't disagree with any of that. i think businesses need certainty. i would prefer if we could get
9:39 pm
a permanent extension of this for all taxpayers. right now the democrats have 58 votes in the senate and 260 votes in the senate, democrat white house that's not likely to happen. so, i hope what we can do is at least get this two year fix put into place. we'll have an opportunity when we get reinforcements in january to start looking at tax policy on a longer term basis. a get with what senator demint is saying, we need to try and come up with a way to pay for this 55 billion dollar extension of unemployment benefits. we will be offering amendments in the senate to do that. >> sean: do you think this passes in the u.s. senate? >> my guess is sean, there will be a lot of democrats that are gonna squawk. in the end we'll probably come around to vet for it. i think most republicans will as -- to vote for it. i think most republicans will as well. we cannot provide certainty to small businesses and families into the markets with these
9:40 pm
tax increases looming january 1. >> sean: earlier tonight, i see the dream act was passed in the house of representatives, 216-198. does it pass in the senate? >> i think all these things on the democrats' agenda, including the dream act are check the box type issues. they made promises to certain constituent sees. putting these things on the floor of the senate, knowing you don't have the votes to pass them seems to be a ploy. we've said we have 42 republicans on a letter that said deal with the taxes first, spending, let's get a short term cr in place to get us into next year and we can write the budget and let's be done with it. let's don't get any more of this liberal agenda passed before the end of the year. >> sean: a lot are speculating you are going to be making a run for the presidency. are you thinking about it? >> it is a harder decision than deciding to run for the
9:41 pm
senate, sean. i'm going through a process, doing diligence and talking to a lot of people. obviously there are a lot of things that you way, first and foremost do i have something to contribute? is there something i can help do for the american people and provide a vision for this country that will get us back on track? we are in the process of trying to decide that now. >> sean: when you are ready come on the show and you can announce it here. >> will do, thanks sean. >> sean: all right senator, appreciate it. our great, great american panel, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with rheumatoid arthritis, there's the life you live... and the life you want to live. fortunately there's enbrel, the #1 most doctor-prescribed biologic medicine for ra. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, fatigue, and stop joint damage. because enbrel suppresses your immune system,
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>> sean: he's a former assistant u.s. attorney and senior fellow at national review institute andy mccarthy is back. he's worked at the "washington post", fox news
9:46 pm
she former reporter host on fox sports and host of poker after dark, model, tv personality, leann tweeden. >> i leave on tour sunday. afghanistan and iraq. >> sean: how long this time? >> 12 days up until christmas. >> sean: this is trip number? >> 14 in iraq and afghanistan. >> sean: you got married july 4th your husband is a pilot? >> air force pilot. >> sean: he's big and strong, i'm just warning all of you. all right, did the democrats get taken to the cleaners and get screwed, juan? >> there's a lot of pent-up frustration with president obama on the left. you look at public option, absence in the health care bill, failure, deal with immigration reform, failure to
9:47 pm
deal with cap and trade. on this deal, i think people are thinking gosh, why didn't he put up a fight? look at the republican strategy. the republican strategy has been to block everything obama proposes to say we want him out in 2012. and people think the republicans have won. >> sean: untrue and unfair. republicans have been no to socialism, stimulus, health care. conservatives are angry at this bill, because it is 200 billion dollars in new spending and this is not permanent. >> in fact, it leads us down the road of all the things the elect was supposed to be about and all they complained about. the spending that is not paid for. the bills that seem to be the subject of last minute frenetic negotiationses, who knows if we get to read it before it has been enacted. i think there has to be a lot of good to make up for the
9:48 pm
bad. i'm not certain there is. >> sean: do you give credence leann to the fact in is a lame duck congress, nancy pelosi speaker, harry reid, i don't know, i think republicans if they held out could have gotten a better deal because they got all the cards. >> i think the lame duck congress is lame, not to be funny. i think that things of this importance with our economy and what is happening with the spending that is going to be happening and where we're gonna get the money to pay for it seems ironic we are not having a full congress seaed to make these major decisions. i think something had to be done. and . realized that. the economy, jobs, everything that is happen -- happening now, he was forced to work with the right. senators and congressmen were mad that he didn't give up a -- he didn't put up a fight. far left progressives are mad that he's doing -- he's not -- >> sean: will this pass, juan?
9:49 pm
>> absolutely. leann is right. republicans control, more republican votes in january with the new -- >> sean: that's why they could have held out. >> axelrod really angered democrats not only today when he was talking about some of this is going to be immoral if we let it lapse and have a tax increase. he was saying if the democrats have complaints why didn't they get the votes together earlier to pass it? they didn't. >> sean: say lot of finger-painting. >> look, we always say -- years later bush will be judged better by history than he was judged in the moment. if you took the long view on obama, he's accomplished a gate deal. as a historic consequential president. >> sean: wait a minute, he's also failed as president. he is in my view the economy, national security, a failure. >> let's assume for the moment
9:50 pm
that you are right and he fails and can't get another thing done. what he has already accomplished is you machine tall. >> i think you are an example of why the you just hammer this guy every night. the democrats say why are we compromising and dealing with the republicans. as andy said he has accomplished a gate deal. arguably saves the economy. >> sean: three trillion obama debt. >> i didn't say that. [ talking over each other ] >> the reason we are whipped up is over what he's accomplished. >> sean: you just had a monumental historic midterm election it is my fault because i was criticizing everyday. >> when it comes to health care the american people only hear negative. they don't hear the positive. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: he's angry, petulant, divisive and he picks a target
9:51 pm
either karl rove, ed gillespie, fox news, chamber of commerce. he has to grow up juan he's immature. >> andy i'm surprised you didn't say this. right now the compromise deal is going to help him get reelected. >> their anger at him -- [ talking over each other ] >> this will help your show. this is going to help you go man. >> sean: see that guy in the back, you gotta reach him. more with our great american panel. ♪
9:52 pm
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>> sean: as we continue with our get american panel. you this girl from "baywatch" >> you had the lady from
9:56 pm
black-eyed peas with her lady lumps. now this woman who makes a living, she was a centerfold, i believe. also on baywatch, look at that picture. >> sean: she is on cavuto today, watch this. >> did he recognize you? >> you i don't know, if he did he didn't say anything. >> neil: did he explain why he wanted to pull you over? >> i asked. i said why am i being pulled aside and none of them are. i mentioned to the long line of people. he said, because you caught my eye and they didn't. >> neil: he said because you caught my eye? >> and they didn't. motioning to the other passengers going through. >> sean: obviously a beautiful girl. that now -- is she gonna be pulled over or singled out because of how she looks? >> last time i was on here, i
9:57 pm
was singled out as well. but i knew -- she didn't realize because she hadn't traveled for a while. i knew my rights to opt-out the guy was mad. i said i didn't want my picture taken. >> sean: i don't know what is worse the pat-down. >> a female pats me down who cares. >> she said she didn't want the pat-down. >> she said she wasn't aware. >> sean: andy? >> no matter what the rules, you are going to get bad agents. the greater point is that what the fourth amendment says is we can't did unreasonable searches. the problem is that in the name of trying not to abuse the rights of an identified community of people, which is an understandable impulse, we are violating everybody's rights. because we are subjecting every person to a search that
9:58 pm
there's no reasonable basis. >> sean: and there's a better answer, intelligence. >> right. >> sean: actress salma hayek admits she was once an illegal immigrant in the u.s.. the house passed the dream act. which is basically amnesty. >> dives me crazy. first of all, if -- drives me crazy. first of all if they were brought here at 16 or younger, how do you prove that? i'm using the school system in the state of california, i don't get any breaks. it seems you break the law, come here, you can serve two years in the army or get free college education. i don't know which one? they are going to take the college education who is to say they are not going to deposit-out after a week? >> you are a big supporter of the troops. if somebody is serving in the u.s. military risking their life for all of our safety why you would deny them citizenship?
9:59 pm
>> i'm not saying i would defy people who would serve. they are giving the tune of two years in the military or go to school. >> no. i'm glad you said that. what the law says, if somebody came to this country often times because their parents brought them here. they've been going to school and continue if get education -- >> that we have to pay for. >> no pay for they qualify for a scholarship like any other kid if they have the academic credentials. >> it is amnesty. if there's a resolution to immigration there will have to be limited amnesty done the road. unless the government demonstrates seriousness about enforcing laws particularly against the magnet for illegal immigration which is the people who hire them, -- >> sean, wait, did you hear reasonable resolution to illegal immigration i


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